Collar choke from mount, Arm bar from S-mount, Spinning arm bar from S-mount

Wednesday, 23 November 2016
Another great session with plenty of white belts on the mat.
A few key take away points:
  • Get on top, stay on top
  • Go slow
  • Keep pressure on
  • When drilling patterns, return to mounted position by making sure your feet point the same way as your opponent. This ensures that if you are in a scramble, you are in the habit that puts you into a better position than if you were to return in a head-toe position

DRILL 1: Collar choke from mount

Instructions (What I can recall)

NOTE: Please feel free to correct in comments (#whitebelt)

  • Thumb up cross collar grip – deep (now go deeper)
  • Palm up with forearm into sternum (BJ Penn riding a horse)
  • Post free hand to mat on same side as grip, weight to this side to prevent bridge & roll
  • Walk free hand around head to collar and put thumb into lapel (aim for hands almost touching)
  • Rotate this hand to place ulnar styloid bone into neck
  • Weight forward onto mat
  • Finish with collar choke

Collar choke video example

DRILL 2: Arm bar from S-mount

From what I can gather, the 3 drills posted here are transitions that flow on from each other. That is, when in mount and going for the collar choke, it will often open up the transition to S-mount through the defences of your opponent.

Instructions (What I can recall)

  • With cross collar grip still in place, apply pressure to opponents elbow and slide knee to head
  • Using free arm, grab the opponents opposite arm to clear room for S-mount position
  • Keep weight on
  • This should be a good position with very little room for opponent to defend/bridge/escape
  • Still with collar grip, use free hand to attack elbow/arm, pass through to own lapel for secure grip
  • When happy with grips, remove collar grip from opponent and post on mat next to hip of the side you will fall to apply arm bar
  • Walk foot of leg near the head over the nose and complete the arm bar

Bullet point will make more sense with the video below.

DRILL 3: Spinning arm bar from S-mount

The last drill we did was the variation of the Arm bar from S-mount. This involves same set-up however, when the opponent has good arm bar defence, you can attack the opposite arm with a post and transition to the opposite side. Similar to the video below:

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