2 stripes + Kimura from full guard, omoplata, armbar drills

Small success for me after training tonight, coach Hodge gave me 2 stripes on my white belt. Absolutely stoked! He mentioned I had attended over 70 lessons since March. A small reminder to keep going.  

After the session tonight, I was chatting to Davo, a purple belt 🎗, and we were discussing my hesitation in transitions. I know that I have a number of subs from different positions, although they are not readily available to me when I am in the heat of rolling. 

Example is that I can connect the transition from guard to pass into side control/North-South to mount, however I currently lack the transition to submissions in a smooth sequence. 

I know this will come with conscious thought and repetition until it becomes reflexive. It just needs more time and patterning. Something to work on. 

First drill tonight was the kimura from full guard.

Part 1 in the video.

Kimura defence, part 1 in this Gracie Academy video.

Omoplata from guard.

🔑Key points

  • Hand on back to prevent defence
  • Knees bent 
  • Position wrist to sternum area
  • Move shoulder into internal rotation by lifting hips and driving knees to floor

Arm bar pendulum drill

🔑 Key point:

  • Develop this movement pattern

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