Arm bar to omoplata transition 💪🏽

Tonight we revised Monday’s positions. Kimura, kimura defence, omoplata, arm bar & arm bar to omoplata transition. Plenty of fresh whites. A great class. 

The standout for me tonight was that I need to drill the arm bar set up more. 

I lacked the smooth patterning. 

🔑 Key points:

  • Grip wrist same side (eg their left)
  • Grab opponents left elbow with your left arm swimming underneath their  right arm
  • Pull to close space and grab lat 
  • Foot to hip and scoot head away
  • Bring leg over head and squeeze knees 
  • Arm bar

🔑 Transition to omoplata

  • With their non-armbar arm, place near your hip
  • Transition to omoplata 

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